Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


Summer in the Central Court
  • Summer in the Central Court
  • 17-Jun-2006 - 06-Aug-2006
  • Central Court, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

This summer in the Central Court, the Spencer brings the outside-in. This small selection from the permanent collection includes quilts inspired by the flora of summer, prints and photographs showcasing Midwestern harvest scenes, and a 15-foot-wide Japanese kite. Beat the heat and enjoy art inspired by four thematic categories: growth, patterns, entertainment and gatherings. Artists and works that were on view in Summer in the Central Court are listed below by thematic section.

Summer Growth
Lisa Grossman, 86 Bends of the Kaw , 2004; Terry Evans Tractor and Combine, June 22, 1990; Thomas Hart Benton, Threshing, 1941; Thomas Willoughby Nason, Summer Storm , 1940; Grant Wood, Approaching Storm, 1940.

Summer Patterns
Rose Frances Good Kretsinger, Paradise Garden or The Garden quilt, 1946; Christina Hays Malcom, Sunflower quilt , 1884; Currier & Ives, Publisher, Fruits of the Garden , 1871; Anna Atkins, Robinia pseud-acacia America , circa 1851-1854; Louis Lozowick, Sunflowers, 1957; Denise Low and Linda Samson Talleur, Quiltmaker, 1984, Flower Garden quilt , 1984, from Quilting.

Summer Entertainment
Tal Streeter, Flying Red Line, 1972; Jeff Brouws, Twelve Drive-Ins I, 2005; Tom Huck, Playland: The Great Sharkburger Shortage of '95, 1999, from 2 Weeks in August: 14 Rural Absurdities; Dr. Harold Eugene Edgerton, Water Ballet from Underwater , mid-late 1900s; Joseph Judd Pennell, Jack Guddy, Baseball Parade, 1896.

Summer Gathering
Fairfield Porter, July, 1971; Earl Iversen, Kansas State Fair, 1977-1978; Tony Ray-Jones, Fourth of June, Eton, 1967; W. Eugene Smith, untitled , 1958, from Silver Lake; Weegee, Coney Island Beach, 4 p.m., July 28, 1940, circa 1940.