Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


Extra/Ordinary: Video Art from Asia
  • Extra/Ordinary: Video Art from Asia
  • 24-Oct-2009 - 14-Feb-2010
  • Kress Gallery, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Extra/Ordinary investigates new ways of transforming familiar experiences and daily routines into moments of expanded meaning, contemplation and humorous reflection. By repositioning our constructed notions of the “everyday” as cinematic recreations, comical interventions or meditative actions this exhibition explores the imaginative potential embedded in the ordinary stuff of life. Organized by SMA curator of Asian art Kris Imants Ercums, this exhibition features recent video by artists from across Asia: The Xijing Men’s Collective-Chen Shaoxiong (China), Gimhongsok (Korea), and Ozawa Tsuyoshi (Japan)- bring new meaning to “play” in their alternate world of Olympic competition; in Invisible Cities (2005-2008) Taiwanese artist Tsui Kuang-yu creates action videos that blur “correct behavior” in urban environments; three short videos by Tokyo-based Izumi Taro offers an odd realm of comical daydreams; Lida Abdul seeks healing in the spatial realities of war-torn Afghanistan; and the cine-magician “Mr. Wonderful” himself, Yeondoo Jung, produces sweeping vignettes at the confluence of remembrance and imagination in Handmade Memories (2008).

The artists in Extra/Ordinary share a common interest in the meaning of our ordinary lives, especially within the context of Asia, where an immense reevaluation of historical consciousness and cultural practices is occurring under the guise of “development.” Together, these artists uncover the potential of daily experience and explore the material stuff of the world as mutable and laden with potential. The use of moving images in this exhibition to restore a lost memory, capture the present, or remake life through cinematic effect, further reflects the fleeting qualities that make the everyday so extraordinary. In the process, ordinary moments are uprooted, transformed into wondrous encounters and, through the “poetics of noticing,” restored as artifacts of memory and meaning.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with Chen Shaoxiong: Ink Things