Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


Unreal Cities: Informal Architecture Zone (Emilio Said, Unreal Cities)
  • Unreal Cities: Informal Architecture Zone (Emilio Said, Unreal Cities)
  • 22-Sep-2009 - 25-Oct-2009
  • Electronic Arts Gallery, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Emilio Said’s unique exploration and dissection of the modern metropolis is the subject of this exhibition Unreal Cities: Informal Architecture Zone, in which the artist breaks down the binary opposition of form versus content through artwork in a wide range of media. The objects include paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photographs.

Through Said’s consideration of open space, the city undergoes a process of formal abstraction that encourages its interpretation as both the container and the contents of collective memory. Unreal Cities refers to the intangible space where the events and concepts that shape our realities are enacted. The artist’s term Informal Architecture refers to the structure of this cultural and social memory; it therefore stands as a metaphor for subjects such as philosophy, history, fiction, geography and poetry.

Emilio Said has exhibited throughout the Untied States and Europe, as well as in his native Mexico. His work has won acclaim for its adept exegesis of such complex subjects through representation in abstract spaces and forms that are permeated with meaning.

The exhibition was organized by the Consulate of Mexico in Kansas City.