Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


The World of Kameda Bosai
  • The World of Kameda Bosai
  • 14-Oct-1984 - 30-Dec-1984
  • Kress Gallery, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Paintings and calligraphy by Kameda Bosai (1752-1826), one of the foremost Japanese literati artists of his day, was skilled at painting, calligraphy, poetry and philosophy. His circle of friends included famous artists, poets and actors. The World of Kameda Bosai, an exhibition organized at the New Orleans Museum of Art, illuminates the art and culture of the literati world of Edo (Tokyo) in the early 19th century. A collection of strikingly beautiful artworks on loan from American, European and Japanese Collections, bring to life the talented artists in Bosai's circle. The exhibition includes 55 objects: painting and calligraphy on fans, album leaves, woodblock books, scrolls, and screens. Stephen Addiss, professor of art history at the University of Kansas, wrote the fully illustrated catalogue of the exhibition, which sells for $35 (hardcover) or $16.95 (softcover) plus shipping and handling.