Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • Material World: Adornment from Around the Globe
  • 01-Jul-2014 - 12-Apr-2015
  • Gallery 405, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Adorning the body fulfills a basic human need to beautify the self. An array of forms, styles, and materials communicate different cultural ideals of beauty. Using works found in the Spencer Museum of Art’s permanent collection and those on loan from Robert Hiller, Material World: Adornment from Around the Globe explores a variety of objects created from diverse materials. This exhibition contains over seventy examples of jewelry and accessories from nearly every continent in the world and is divided into five categories: Stone, Metal, Organic, Synthetic, and Collected. Though many of the works are made of mixed materials, each object is arranged according to its most striking material feature. Co-curated by Abby Anderson, Raechel Cook, Ye Gee Kwon, Laura Minton, and Jessie Sirico