Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • Google Art Project
  • 02-Mar-2016 - 02-Mar-2018
  • https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/collection/spencer-museum-of-art
  • Acoma peoples
  • jar, late 1800s–1910
  • ceramic, painting
  • Gift from the Estate of Karl Menninger and his family
  • Not on display
  • 2007.1338
Robinia pseud-acacia America
bark painting depicting a coiled snake
reliquary of the True Cross
Rustic Basin
  • Bernard Palissy and Workshop
    active circa 1510–1590
  • Rustic Basin, circa 1570–1590
  • ceramic, lead glaze
  • Museum purchase: Helen Foresman Spencer Art Acquisition Fund
  • On view: Loo Gallery, 401, Cabinet F5
  • 1997.0032
A Western Landscape
  • Albert Bierstadt
  • A Western Landscape, late 1860s or 1870s
  • oil on preprimed linen
  • Gift from the Collection of David L. Barber, Sr.
  • On view: Kress Gallery, 407, W2
  • 2009.0176
  • Albert Bloch
  • Winter, 1918
  • oil on canvas
  • Museum purchase
  • On view: 20/21 Gallery, 405, W1
  • 1983.0022
Italian Landscape with Resting Travelers
  • Jan Both
    circa 1618–1652
  • Italian Landscape with Resting Travelers, circa 1638–1640
  • oil on canvas
  • Museum purchase: Helen Foresman Spencer Art Acquisition Fund and State funds; Gift by exchange in memory of Senator August W. Lauterbach; of Richard T. Shields and Caroline Shields Walker in memory of Mrs. Edwin Shields; of J. Jean and Julian J. Aberbach
  • On view: Loo Gallery, 401, W3
  • 1986.0035
Monoplan M.S attaquant un LVG [Monoplane Morane-Saulnier (M.S.) attacking a Luftverkehrsgesellschaft (LVG)]
Nirvana (chair)
Nuns in the Certosa Cloister, overlooking a Moonlit Sea towards the Faraglioni, Capri
Madonna and Child
woman's robe
  • China
  • woman's robe, early 1900s, Republic of China (1911–1949)
  • silk, gold-wrapped thread, ribbon, embroidering, satin
  • Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Woods
  • Not on display
  • 1982.0122
  • China
  • vase, mid 1700s, Qing dynasty (1644–1911)
  • glass
  • William Bridges Thayer Memorial
  • Not on display
  • 1929.0052
藥師佛 Yaoshi fo (Medicine Buddha)
Bactrian camel (tomb figure)
ngunja (carved chair)
Blossom and Decay
In the Simmental, Switzerland
  • Robert Cottingham
    born 1935
  • Showboat, 1972
  • oil on canvas
  • Museum purchase: National Endowment for the Arts and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ward
  • On view: 20/21 Gallery, 405, N5
  • 1972.0039
Soleil Couchant, Marine
John Brown
  • John Steuart Curry
  • Self-portrait, 1927–1929
  • oil on canvas
  • Museum purchase: Friends of the Art Museum, the Students of the University of Kansas, the Price R. and Flora A. Reid Foundation, Maupintour, Inc., Margaret and Darwin Daicoff, Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Braden, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barber, and Mr. Stan E. Wisdom
  • On view: 20/21 Gallery, 405, W1
  • 1985.0023
Ordeal of the Wheels