Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • Staffordshire Chimney Ornaments from the Nineteenth Century in the Collection
  • 10-Jun-1973 - 30-Sep-1973
  • University of Kansas Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas

Certain pieces of earlier Stafforshire work show a desire to imitate costlier and more finely-made figures such as Derby of Chelsea. The firm of Ralph Wood and his family produced figures in which the entire figure--back and front--was modeled and painted. Certain parts were hand-modeled. By the early 19th century, such figures were still being produced, but the painting in particular shows a decline in quality. As the century advanced, fewer figures were made which required hand-modeling, or were completely painted. These pieces provide one ink between the 18th century traditions of craftsmanship and the 19th century demands for mass production.