Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


The Graphic Imperative (Typography 3 Fall 2012 class posters)
  • The Graphic Imperative (Typography 3 Fall 2012 class posters)
  • 18-Oct-2012 - 02-Dec-2012
  • 3C1 lobby/hallway, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

“Students in Professor Patrick Dooley’s VISC 402 Typography 3 class used the Spencer exhibition "The Graphic Imperative" as a point of departure for creating their own advocacy posters.

In distinction to many of the exhibition posters, which are broad in scope, the class assignment asked each student to adopt a specific advocacy organization and to focus the poster’s message on a particular issue within that organization. That message needed to target a particular audience with a specific solution or action. Each student designed two versions of the poster - one with type + image and the other with type only.

At the project’s end 10 of the 68 posters created for the project were selected by Spencer staff and the class themselves to go into this display.”