Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • a Petrovsky flux
  • 01-Feb-2010 - 01-Nov-2016
  • Spencer Art Museum Second Life Island

blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli, a remarkable cromulent [blotto's edit] scripter/builder/designer team, have installed their organic architecture on the Museum's Second Life island. a Petrovsky flux is a cluster of devices that grow, assembling themselves from modular units, only to blow apart and rebuild themselves. Each time they rebuild differently so the overall flux is, as the name implies, constantly changing. There is much to explore here! In addition to the mighty Petrovsky Flux itself, a few of the many things you might encounter are: lost flower, tv mountain, terrace cafe, and the all ears pavillon.

Visitors to a Petrovsky flux can also explore the inside of the organic architecture, and they also receive a free "noggin protector"-a miniature version of the flux that is worn on the head to protect against falling debris.

The project takes its name in part from a previous project, the Bogon flux, and in part from the “Petrovsky lacuna,” named for Russian mathematician Ivan Petrovsky.

blotto summed up the impulse for the Bogon flux in the now defunct blog, Not Possible In Real Life: "The organic architecture idea had been rattling around in my head for a while, like buckshot in a rusted tuna can." That idea is now out of the tuna can and is being explored by hundreds of visitors. A KU student, Lysanias Septimus, encountered in the shadows of a Petrovsky flux, commented “wow / mind=blown.”