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Enthroned Zeus
  • Roman Empire
  • Enthroned Zeus, circa 100 CE, Roman Empire (27 BCE–476 CE)
  • Where object was made: Roman Empire (present-day Italy)
  • bronze
  • Object Height: 10 cm
    Object Height: 3 7/8 in
  • Gift of Allan Gerdau
  • On view: Loo Gallery, 401, Cabinet G3
  • 1957.0092
Label Text

The left hand of the figure is raised slightly above the level of the head and once held a sceptre or staff which would have extended upward another half inch. The right arm of Zeus rests upon his right thigh and his right hand grasps a thunderbolt, the familiar swirling contours of which have worn off. His body is naked from the waist up. The himation which covers the lower part of his body is brought up doubled in back and is draped somewhat stffly over his left shoulder. The feet of Zeus are sandaled and the left foot rests flat upon the ground (or perhaps upon a footstool?). The right foot is drawn up comfortably so that the leg provides support for the right arm. The figure is heavily encrusted with green patina at all points except for sections of the upper part of the torso and the right arm. The eyes, originally inlaid, perhaps with silver, are missing, as is the throne.