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crayfish burrow trace pouring
  • Stephen Hasiotis
  • crayfish burrow trace pouring, 2004
  • Not on display
  • EL2017.109
  • Loan: Not in the Spencer's collection
Label Text

Exhibition Label:
"Terra Anima", 19-Sep-2017
These casts represent three-dimensional underground spaces that were excavated by animals and insects. When viewing a burrow from the surface, you only see an opening that leads underground. These casts represent the tunnels and chambers below ground and are similar to those constructed by humans for mining or
shelter. These burrows were used for purposes such as dwellings, food storage, garbage disposal, and hibernation. Casts are made by pouring dental plaster or epoxy resin into the opening at the soil’s surface. The material flows into the void underground that was excavated by the animal. After the material hardens, the soil around the cast is carefully excavated down-ward from the surface.