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郭汾陽行樂圖 Gwakbunyang hyangrakdo (Guo Ziyi‘s Enjoyment-of-Life Banquet Screen)
  • Korea
  • 郭汾陽行樂圖 Gwakbunyang hyangrakdo (Guo Ziyi‘s Enjoyment-of-Life Banquet Screen), early 1800s, Joseon dynasty (1392–1910)
  • Where object was made: Korea
  • eight-panel screen, ink and color on silk
  • Object Height/Width: 66 x 166 in
  • William Bridges Thayer Memorial
  • Not on display
  • 2015.0061
Label Text

This large screen depicts a joyous and lavish banquet held in honor of Guo Fenyang (also known as Guo Ziyi) (697-781), a legendary Chinese general whose loyal service to four emperors during the Tang dynasty (618-907) gained him repute as a paragon of Confucian values. In the fourth panel from the left, the bearded Guo Ziyi is seated, surrounded by his followers, descendants, and courtesans, watching a dancer with long sleeves perform. The right side of the screen illustrates women, including Guo’s wife and children relaxing inside a palace-like pavilion, while the left side shows scholars conversing and playing baduk (Chinese: weiqi; Japanese: go), a traditional board game. On the far left panel is a scene of water and mountains depicted in the archaic blue-green style of landscape. The screen is also illustrated with various auspicious symbols of longevity and prosperity, such as deer, peacocks, cranes, and magic mushrooms.