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Casa Virada/Hay más tiempo que vida
  • Diego Teo, artist
    born 1974
    active: Mexico
    Dasha Chernysheva, artist
    born 1979
    active: Mexico
  • Casa Virada/Hay más tiempo que vida, 2013
  • Where object was made: Mexico
  • offset lithograph
  • Object Height/Width: 33.4 x 24.8 cm
    Object Height/Width: 13 1/8 x 9 3/4 in
  • Gift of the artists
  • Not on display
  • 2013.0188

Many objects splayed across the image field. From left to right, top to bottom: two long arms with clasped hands, a fish-like creature with legs in the splits, a single arm with hands on either end and a stick just above, a rope bridge, an oil derrick, a text block, feet in flip flops, a stick, a leaning building, a braid of hair, a hand holding a string of fish, a circle of ten folding chairs, a cirlcle of eight heads partially submerged in water, a man in a hammock, a person avoiding stepping on a snake, a pier reaching out into water, four people on a single bicycle, the word “ISLAGUADA” written in letters that reflect in water, a fish standing on two feet with another fish hanging out of its mouth, two black eyes, the back of someone’s head with two connected braids, a jug of liquid that appears to be drinking from a smaller bottle, a farting and hooded figure, a hanging Mexican flag, a triangular shape, another braid of hair, a bundle of sticks, a leaning structure with a white flag on top, an outline of a person that appears to be ascending like a comet, a figure that has itsleft hand on its head and its right hand out in front of themselves, a head with two braids which end in shoes, a monster-faced figure with a stack of cash in their right hand and a gun in their left, the words “PUNTA PERLA” drawn as if two sides of a structure, a nose and eyes which have crab claws coming out of them, a person bent over ground that has sticks emerging from it, a spiky fish-like creature, a person carring several large pieces of wood on their back, another oil derrick, two men walking away from the viewer dressed in jumpsuits, two people ride in a motorboat, and a person stands on an elevated platforms and reaches with their right arm.