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Wheel of Willing Diversion

"Read The Lorax aloud." "Enjoy the view from the top of a tree." "Swear off lawn mowing cold turkey." The Museum's main entrance this spring has featured a colorful, hand-wrought wheel of fortune that ticks to stops on these and a host of other whimsical phrases.

The Wheel of Willing Diversion is the brainchild of local artists Dave Loewenstein and Eric Farnsworth, members of the Lawrence Corporation for the Advancement of the Visual Arts, a grass-roots collective known informally by its gallery-space name, the Lawrence Percolator. The artists' spinning creation combines chance with artistic muse, and is intended to prompt creative responses to the arrow's multiple directives. The curious commands include "prescribe a nap to a friend in need," "forecast developing trends in human gullibility, "endeavor to recall your first memory," "plant a new idea," and "speculate about beings from another planet."

The project continues to strengthen the Spencer's collaborative efforts with LCAVA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing new art and cultural events to audiences in Lawrence and Douglas County Kansas. The Spencer and LCAVA are gathering responses and ultimately will share them at the Lawrence Percolator.

So please visit the Museum, take a moment out front, spin the wheel, and consider how you might respond in song, in story, in visual art-express yourself through whatever medium pleases you. Then go forth and create, and drop off your resulting work at the Spencer's front desk by May 1. A date and time for unveiling the responses will be announced on the SMA and LCAVA websites.