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pipe bag
  • United States
  • pipe bag, late 1800s–1998
  • Where object was made: United States
  • leather, rawhide, quills, paint, metal, beading, dyeing
  • Object Length/Width: 89.5 x 16 cm length includes fringe
    Object Length/Width: 35 1/4 x 6 1/4 in length includes fringe
  • Gift of Janet B. Young
  • Not on display
  • 2007.1320

The leather pipebag has a panel of lane stitching, and two vertical bands that extend to the opening. There is a panel of decorative quillwork under the beaded panel and buckskin fringe at the bottom edge of the quills.

The opening of the bag has primarily green beads around it, but blocks of pink and dark blue, and blocks of red and white and dark blue and yellow. The vertical bands have a field of white, with a "T" shape, with a pink block at the junction, a red "T" with a green block, and a dark blue "T" with a pink block.

The large beaded panel has a field of white, with a double ended arrow in dark blue, with a yellow block in the middle of each point. Above and below the arrow is a green triangle, outlined in dark blue, abutted to a square. The square is a light blue triangle, with a small cluster of dark blue blocks and a single yellow, and the remainder of the block is two red right triangles, each with a small white square. Above the beaded panel, there is a green semicircle, with red and white blocks. There are two small tin cones at the top of the arch. A dark blue vertical stripe defines the sides.

The other side of the beaded panel is also a field of white. There is a vertical band in the middle. It has a yellow field, but is mostly two green leaf shapes, each with a white cross with red blocks at each tip and junction. The yellow field is outlined in green and red. Two triangles touch the band on either side. They are mirror images of each other. One side of the triangle is dark blue and light blue horizontal stripes. The other side is yellow, with a dark blue line at the bottom, and a red line at the top. The yellow side abuts the yellow side of the paired triangle. There are two small beaded strips above the large panel, pink and dark blue stripes, with two pair of tin cones at the top.

The quilled panel has a bright pink field, and three vertical green rectangles, each with a yellow stripe in the middle.

No feathers remain though the tin cones probably had some initially.