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tea kettle and warming stand
  • Africa
  • tea kettle and warming stand, late 1800s–early 1900s
  • brass, iron, wood, paint
  • Object Height/Diameter: a and d together 33 x 18.5 cm handle raised
    Object Height/Diameter: a and d together 13 x 7 1/4 in handle raised
  • Gift of Robert H. Brown Jr.
  • Not on display
  • 2007.2976.a-e

The tea kettle has a warming stand. The short, round brass tea kettle (2007.2976.a) has a ridge at the widest point on the vessel, and another ridge at the shoulder. It has a hinged handle with a wooden handhold and is decorated with a series of grooves in the center. The kettle has a straight spout, which attaches above the midpoint on the belly and a short, wide neck to accommodate a lid. The lid has two parts: a round, stepped lid (2007.2976.b) with a very short rim at the top for the small disc-like second lid (2007.2976.c) to cover the hole in the first lid. The lids were originally joined with a short segment of chain, which is still attached to the larger lid.

The warming stand (2007.2976.d) is made of iron with a removable heating element (2007.2976.e). The stand has three legs, each made of two elements with curls at each end. The top element faces inward, and attaches to a top ring which accomodates the tea kettle. The bottom element curls outward and attaches to a smaller ring which accomodates the heating element. The round heating element has a short neck and a screen just under the neck, covering the vessel. The opening of the vessel contained the fuel.