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bandolier bag
  • unknown Cree maker
  • bandolier bag, late 1800s–early 1900s
  • Where object was made: Canada or Montana, United States
  • wool, buckskin, cotton, silk, pigment, beading, dyeing
  • Object Length/Width: 89 x 26 cm
    Object Length/Width: 35 1/16 x 10 1/4 in
  • Source unknown
  • Not on display
  • 2007.2017

The bag has a wide strap worn over the chest. The strap has a dark blue wool field with floral beaded decoration. One side has a yellow vine-like stem, red leaves outlined with clear beads, pink leaves with a medium blue outline and blue-green flowers with a yellow outline. The other side of the strap has a white vine, dark blue flowers with a white outline, green leaves with a yellow outline and red leaves with a pink outline. The back of the strap has unbleached cotton on one side and the other is backed with once red cotton.

The bag has a dark blue wool field. The top of the bag has finger-like flaps at the opening, edged in green or red silk, with a white and dark blue beaded edge. The bag is constructed of cotton, but covered in wool. It has a green ribbon tie on the side.

The beaded decoration on side one consists of a large red four petal flower, with pink outline and blue center and a smaller similar flower with a yellow center. It has clear circles on a yellow vine, three clusters of dark green leaves, two blue tulip-like flowers and clear bead stems.

Two bands of green ribbon go up the sides, with white beads on either side with one across the top of side one and one across the top of side two. It has buckskin fringe at the bottom.

The beaded decoration on side two consists of a large cluster of two tone green leaves with medium blue veins/stems. Three red four petaled flowers are outlined in pink at the bottom. One has a yellow center, the other two are tan. It has clear stems, two small four petaled yellow flowers, and small blue circle-like flowers at the bottom. There are two pink/red tulip-like flowers at the top right with two cherry-like circles.