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untitled illustration for Rakkóx der Billionär (Rakkox the Billionaire)
  • Félix Edouard Vallotton
    born: Lausanne, Switzerland ; died: Paris, France
  • untitled illustration for Rakkóx der Billionär (Rakkox the Billionaire), 1900
  • Die Insel (The Island), volume II
  • Where object was made: Germany
  • woodcut
  • Paper Type: laid
  • Image Dimensions Height/Width: 145 x 99 mm
    Image Dimensions Height/Width: 5 11/16 x 3 7/8 in
    Sheet/Paper Dimensions: 234 x 173 mm
    Sheet/Paper Dimensions: 9 3/16 x 6 3/4 in
  • Gift from the Virginia and Ira Jackson Collection, Houston
  • Not on display
  • 2004.0103.04

The image is divided into three separate registers; the upper and lower registers are smaller, comprising approximately one-sixth each of the full image; the image is surrounded by a thin, black border. The central register features a representation of a very rotund bald man, who occupies the left one-third of the image. His formal jacket consists primarily of expanses of solid black with details such as the “v” of a collar and cuffs in white. In the upper right corner a window is depicted and next to it stands a man dressed in black; his right arm is raised and his hand is placed on his chest. At his elbow and in the background stands a third man while a fourth man appears in the foreground, his upper body sprawled across the paper-strewn surface of a desk. In the upper register, are a series of five males, their bodies represented from head to mid-torso. One of them is dressed in the garb of a detective or inspector. They are white with black outlining and minimal detailing to clothing and features on a white background. In the lower register is a series of five smaller human figures in profile. They are depicted walking toward the right border of the register. All are carrying parcels such as suitcases. A man in the garb of a detective or inspector appears on the far left. The middle two male figures are fairly non-descript while the two figures are males with long, dark braids, apparently stereotypes of Asian men. In the lower right corner beneath the border is printed the page number “189.” In smaller type beneath the lower left border the printed number “13” appears.