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  • Robert Carston Arneson
    born: Benicia, California, United States ; died: Benicia, California, United States ; active: United States
  • Forge, 1984
  • Where object was made: United States
  • bronze
  • Object Height/Width/Depth: 66 x 94 x 40.6 cm
    Object Height/Width/Depth: 26 x 37 x 16 in
  • Museum purchase: Peter T. Bohan Art Acquisition Fund
  • On view: 20/21 Gallery, 405, S2
  • 1994.0037
Label Text

Severed head/skull resting on an anvil, blood dripping down the sides, front and back the anvil has a "warhead" protruding from one end (right) varisous inscriptions and stamps: "peace sign" inscripbed on the top surface of the anvil, FREEZE inscribed on the skull; 1 MEGATON, 10 MEGATONS, 100 MEGATONS, 1000 MEGATONS, NITROGEN OXIDE, X RAYS, GAMMA RAYS, IODINE 131, URANIUM 235, CESIUM 137, PLUTONIUM 239, NEUTRONS, STRONTIUM 90, CARBON 14, IODINE 13, 1CEM, are all stamped into the skull/head; MX is stamped under the left eye socket, 1CEM under the right. A NUCLEAR WAR HEAD is stamped above the brow. The atomic sign is inscribed on the skull/head. OPPENHEIMER TELLER FERMI is stamped in the skull/head and surrounded by an inscribed heart.