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The Assassination of Julius Caesar
  • Master of the Apollini Sacrum
    active 1480–1500
    active: Republic of Florence (present-day Italy)
  • The Assassination of Julius Caesar, late 1400s
  • Where object was made: Republic of Florence (present-day Italy)
  • tempera on wood
  • Canvas/Support: 44.5 x 151.1 cm
    Canvas/Support: 17 1/2 x 59 1/2 in
  • Gift from the Samuel H. Kress Study Collection
  • On view: Loo Gallery, 401, W1
  • 1960.0048
Label Text

Figures in a cityscape. Continuous narrative, four sequential scenes. Costumes and setting are late fifteenth-century Italian. Left to right, figures (identified as priests) speak with a full-length male figure (identified as Julius Caesar) in a red tunic in front of a gold statue in a niche. Left of center Cesar looks away from a scroll (identified as list of conspirators) held by a bearded man in front of other figures and buildings. Right of center figures stab Cesar in a rotunda with columns (identified as the Senate). Right Cesar surrounded by figures and placed on a funeral pyre in front of a column (identified as Trajan’s). Cassone painting.