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  • D.M. Horkmans
Kaffir Musical Instruments. Harvey Brown Col. in Africa
Kaffir Pillows, Skimmers. H Brown Col. in Africa
Kaffir Wood Carving. Harvey Brown Col. in Africa
A Pima home
Ancient adobe ruin near Tucson Arizona
Decorating Pottery Arizona
Governor's Palace. Santa Fe, N.M.
Grinding [illegible]
Haida Man & Woman, Tatooing [sic]
Haida Man Tatooed[sic] Haida Woman Taooed[sic]
Hopi Maiden
Mortar, pestles, and grinding stone or mill. New Mexico, Snow M.
Pima Girl in native dress
Puebla – Santa Clara
Pueblo of Taos
Pueblo of Taos
San Miguel Church Santa Fe, N.M. Founded 1550
Zuni water carrier
Casa Grande Ruins