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  • Thaddeus Holownia
  • born 1949
Car Salesmen, Kansas
untitled (man in hat in front of a car)
untitled (barefoot man with truck)
untitled (bearded man in front of jeep)
untitled (couple with umbrella in front of car)
untitled (hippie couple in front of car)
untitled (man and child in front of a tow truck)
untitled (man and woman posing with two cars)
untitled (man in bell-bottom pants posing with small car)
untitled (man in car with a crowd)
untitled (man in front of a covered pickup truck)
untitled (man in front of a truck in a shipping yard)
untitled (man in hat standing behind a car)
untitled (man inside shed with a tin roof)
untitled (man posing with sports car)
untitled (man with glasses in a sports car)