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  • Thaddeus Holownia
  • born 1949
untitled (man in hat in front of a car)
Car Salesmen, Kansas
untitled (a man smoking posed with a car)
untitled (barefoot man with truck)
untitled (bearded man in front of jeep)
untitled (couple in front of a car)
untitled (couple posing in front of a convertible buggy)
untitled (couple with umbrella in front of car)
untitled (hippie couple in front of car)
untitled (man and child in front of a tow truck)
untitled (man and woman posing with two cars)
untitled (man driving an antique fire truck)
untitled (man in bell-bottom pants posing with small car)
untitled (man in car with a crowd)
untitled (man in front of a covered pickup truck)
untitled (man in front of a truck in a shipping yard)
untitled (man in hat standing behind a car)
untitled (man in overalls sitting on a pickup truck)
untitled (man in plaid pants sitting in a dragster)
untitled (man in T-shirt leaning against a sports car)
untitled (man inside shed with a tin roof)
untitled (man leaning against van)
untitled (man posing with an antique car and trailer)
untitled (man posing with sports car)
untitled (man with glasses in a sports car)