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  • Paul Géraldy
La Guerre, Madame…
title page
untitled (bags and luggage)
untitled (bottle, book, and cup on a table)
untitled (coat and hat draped over a chair)
untitled (cooking pots on a table)
untitled (five prisoners and a guard)
untitled (five soldiers standing in a circle)
untitled (helmet lying on the ground)
untitled (helmet, bag, and canteen)
untitled (landscape with clouds)
untitled (man and woman standing in a parlor)
untitled (pile of boots, cooking pots, rifles, etc.)
untitled (soldier and an older man in a train car)
untitled (soldier and couple on a train platform)
untitled (soldier and woman seated in a parlor)
untitled (soldier in a restaurant, holding a cigar)
untitled (soldier lying on the ground)
untitled (soldier outside a bunker)
untitled (soldier running through a battlefield)
untitled (soldier standing, in profile)
untitled (soldier talking to a seated officer)
untitled (soldiers running on a battlefield)
untitled (standing child holding a stick)
untitled (standing soldier and woman)