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  • Pierre Patout
  • 1879–1965
Arbre blindé camoufle (Shielded Tree Disguise)
Croquis d’Interieur d’une OD 97 (Sketch of the Inside of an OD 97)
Croquis d’une guerite OD 90 (Sketch of a Look-Out Turret OD 90)
Croquis d’une guerite OD 92… (Sketch of a Domed, Rotating Look-Out Turret OD 92 -The Dome is Camouflaged from the Direct?frontal? View)
Echelle pour Arbre d'Observation (Ladder for an Observation Tree)
Instructions sur a pose des guerites observatoires blindees camouflees (Instructions for the Installation of Camouflaged, Shielded Look-Out Turret)
OD 85 Guerite Cylindrique (Cylindrical Look- Out Turret OD 85)
Periscope (Periscope)
portfolio cover
Pylon Hardelay modèle léger (9 Meter High Light Hardelay Pylon)
Pylone Metallique Triangulaire (Triangular Metal Pylon)
Pylone observatoire telescopique mobile bottin (Mobile Telescoping Bottin Observation Pylon)