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  • Jean-Camille Bellaigue
  • 1893–1931
Propos en l'Air!
untitled (airplane and three dirigibles)
untitled (airplane and two dolls)
untitled (ambulance and crashing airplane)
untitled (falling pilot and airplane wreckage)
untitled (man and crashing airplane)
untitled (man and person in a flightsuit)
untitled (man and two soldiers talking)
untitled (man and woman in an automobile)
untitled (man facing group of three men)
untitled (man holding a broom)
untitled (man holding a map)
untitled (man holding a rifle at a man with his hands up)
untitled (man in blue suit and two soldiers)
untitled (man in profile smoking a cigarette)
untitled (man next to a shelf of papers)
untitled (man next to a sign for Paris)
untitled (man pushing another man in a wheelchair)
untitled (man standing at a bar)
untitled (man with luggage facing a man at a table)
untitled (people seated at a counter, with gramophone)
untitled (pilot and woman with infant)
untitled (soldier surrounded by conversation bubbles)
untitled (soldier with a paper and man with his hands up)
untitled (standing man and flight suit on the ground)