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  • United Press International
  • founded 1907
"Pres. Nixon makes the first error of the 1969 baseball season at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium 4/7. He dropped the ball as he was about to make the first toss..."
"President Johnson, in good spirits after a walk along the grounds at Bethesda Naval Hospital 10/20, pulls up his sports shirt to show his surgical bandage..."
"In New York, a policeman attempts to remove a Negro demonstrating against racial discrimination"
"Vice President Nixon shouts out his glee after he was nominated as GOP candidate for President here 7/27. Nixon was nominated on the first ballot."
"Why is This Man Laughing?"
"[Nixon]...then huddled with Chambers to read headlines that would make the lawmaker and his witness famous."
"He unearthed microfilmed secrets of the state in a pumpkin on a Maryland farm; posed for pictures while examining the film under the traditional sleuth's magnifying glass"
"Richard Nixon Examines the Hiss film 'found' in a Pumpkin"
Richard Nixon