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  • Andreas Feininger
  • 1906–1999
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pygmy armadillo
Chinese Vendors, Lower East Side, Mott Street, Manhattan, 1941
Professional People-Diamond cutter
Jewish shops on Orchard Street
Variant of Pouring molten steel into ingot molds
Gustavberg, Sweden
Print made for reproduction in Hamburg 1930-1931
Broken and Eroded Shells
Bugs on Nest
Caterpillar eating
Clothes Moth
Cross-Section of Bone
Egg sack of spider
Grass spiderweb, tent spider
Hornet nest comb
Horse skeleton, Mojave Desert
Horseshoe Crab, inside of shell
Human skull-sutures
Swallow Tail on Raspberry Flower
Termite Burrows
untitled (5-181)
untitled (giant clam)