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  • Lewis Lindsay Dyche
  • 1857–1915
birds in flight off the coast of Greenland
birds in flight over ocean
Greenland landscape
group of Inuit children
group of Inuit people dancing in a town plaza
ice field near Cape Sabine
icebergs and coastline in Greenland
icebergs off the coast of Greenland
Ickwa and walrus heads
Ickwa with two walrus heads
Inuit boy
Inuit girl
Inuit man and woman with a seal
Inuit man carrying kayak equipment
Inuit man in a kayak
Inuit man in a kayak
Inuit people
Inuit woman and two men outside a hide tent
Inuit woman stretching a hide
Inuit women and children on board a ship
men butchering a walrus on shore
preparing walrus for the museum
seals sunning on an outcrop
two Inuit people with walrus heads
walruses on an ice floe