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  • Yelimane Fall
  • born 1945
#11 - That the Creator free me from all that is not of Him, and that the one who has no equal (the Prophet) set me on the straight path.
#15 - That God make me the pride of the Pious Elected Ones, and that they be content with my openness to the Prophet.
#18 - I have never doubted my quality of being in proximity to the Creator because I have been filled with wonder by the universe.
#19 - The favors I have received from God do not exist in this universe. In this I have succeeded.
#20 - That God serve as my Guide toward God with no illusions, and that he accept my life.
#25 - May I become the neighbor of the Lord forever through the Arabic language, and that my proximity to God be excellent.
#28 - That the revelation of incertitude made (by God) to the Intercessor (the Prophet) be my shield against persecution and harm.