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  • Jean-Gabriel Domergue
  • 1889–1962
La Main Fraternelle (The Hand of Brotherhood)
La Main Fraternelle (The Hand of Brotherhood)
La main fraternelle.....
Le Prisonnier
Le Responsable.
Notre Culture
Sensibilité (Sensitivity)
untitled (crucified man and German soldiers)
untitled (German soldier holding severed hands)
untitled (German soldier shooting an injured man)
untitled (German soldier standing over a body)
untitled (German soldier with a female figure and a body in a chair)
untitled (German soldier with bayonetted rifle)
untitled (German soldiers pointing guns at a man and child)
untitled (German soldiers standing over a body)
untitled (group of men surrounding a kneeling woman)
untitled (horses pulling a man tied to a tree)
untitled (interior scene with several figures and bodies)
untitled (man hanging from a lamppost)
untitled (man with two children)
untitled (marching Australian[?] soldier)
untitled (military officials holding guns over a prone man)
untitled (military officials pillaging a home)
untitled (scene inside a butcher shop)
untitled (soldier descending the stairs toward a pile of bodies)