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  • Ryūryūkyo Shinsai
  • 1764–1820
Oni ni kanabō (An Iron Staff Against a Devil)
dragon on corner post of balcony railing
Miyuke, Nowake, Fujibakama (the royal outing, the typhoon, purple trousers)
Tamakazura hatsune kochō (The Jewelled Chaplet, The First Warbler, Butterflies)
folded robe and crown
Uikōmuri (The Cap for Coming of Age Ceremony)
decorative roof tiles
women by standing screen, from Effaced
chickens by drum
Niwatori Muko (The Rooster Bridegroom)
Takarabune kihan (Returning Sails of the Treasure Ship)
bird's eye view of the Sumida River
bolts of fabric
child practicing calligraphy
lacquer box, porcelain candlestick holder
painted screen, miniature tree, decorative bow and arrows
poet and plum tree
clothing on ceremonial stand
courtesan and Kamuro beside a petting ox
kite of the strong man, Asaina
pine shoots and Mt. Fuji
razor, pine shoot and ceremonial device
Kintoki at well
boat on the Sumida River
poem cards with portraits of modern kyoka poets