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  • George Petty
  • 1894–1975
untitled ("Harvey hasn't answered a single one of my letters since he arrived at Camp Dix, but I hear from the company censor regularly")
untitled ("I'm the one with the part in the back"), also known as The Memphis Belle
untitled ("It does seem a little flimsy but the saleslady said all the heavy materials were going into tents for the army")
untitled ("My lawyer wants me to change the charge from desertion to insanity")
untitled ("No, it isn't that I have anything on, Mrs. Van Gilder,...but I didn't know it was to be a come-as-you-are party!"
untitled ("Oh, just another proposal from a boy whose number's up-")
untitled ("Yvette, will you go call a dressmaker - the Bundles for Britain collector was just here and I'm afraid I overdid it")
untitled ["Yes...yes...yes...yes...yes...(but I feel a NO coming on)"]
untitled ("If your husband can't sleep why don't you pull your shade down")