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  • Timothy H. O'Sullivan
  • 1840–1882
Pontoon Bridge Across the Rappahannock
Canyon de Chelly, walls of the Grand Canyon about 1,200 feet in height
Historic Spanish Record of the Conquest, South Side of Inscription Rock, New Mexico
Green River Buttes, Green River, Wyoming
Green River Canyon, Upper Canyon, Great Bend, Vinta Mountains, The Horseshoe and Green River below the bend from Flaming Gorge Ridge
Tertiary Bluffs near Green River City, Wyoming
Vermillion Creek Canyon looking Downstream
Rock Carved by Drifting Sand Below Fortification Rock, Arizona
Salt Lake City and Wahsatch Mountains, Twin Peak/Lone Peak
Tertiary Conglomerates, Weber Valley, Utah
Uinta Mountains, Glacial Lake in Summit Region
untitled (Edge of Storm Mountain Reservoir, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah)
Wahsatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah, Camp Douglas and east end of Salt Lake City, Emigration Canyon on left
Fissure Vent, Steamboat Springs
Hot Springs, Smokey Valley
Quartz Mill near Virginia City
Shoshone Falls, Upper Terrace
Snake River Canyon
Virginia City, Comstock Mines
Crab's Claw Peak, Western Nevada
Reese River District looking down Canyon
Rock Formations, Pyramid Lake, Nevada