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  • Gus Kayafas
  • born 1947
Huntington Library, Pasadena
.22-Caliber Bullet Piercing Helium Bubble
.30-Caliber Bullet Through Ivory Soap
Moscow Circus at Boston Gardens
Bullet through Plexiglas
.30-Caliber Bullet Through King of Hearts
.30-Caliber Bullet through the Jack of Hearts
Gus Solomons Dancing
Bullet through Balloon
Ping Pong, Multiflash
Back Dive, Multiflash
Baton Twirler, Multiflash I
Baton Twirler, Multiflash III
Atomic Bomb Explosion
Dancer, Multiflash
Moving Skip Rope
Bouncing Golf Ball, Multiflash
Gussie Moran Serving
Aerial View of M.I.T.
Bullet Hits Wire, Multiflash
Tumblers, Multiflash
Arrow Pierces Balloon, High Speed Movie Sequence
Card Shuffle
Flying Fish
Girl Shot from Canon