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  • Francisco de Goya
  • 1746–1828
Disparate Volante (Flying Folly)
Donde hay ganas hay mana: Modo de volar (Where there's a will there's a way: Way of flying)
Disparate de Tontos (Fool's Folly)
No. 28 El esforzado Rendon picando un toro, de cuya suerte murió en la plaza de Madrid (The Forceful Rendon Stabs a Bull with the Pique, from Which Pass He Died in the Ring at Madrid)
Νο. 1: Modo con que Los antiguos Españoles cazaban los toros á caballo en el campo (How the Original Spanish Hunted Bulls on Horseback in the Wild)
Νο. 19: Otra locura suya en la misma plaza (Another Stunt by Martincho in the Same Ring)
Bárbaros! (Barbarians), plate 38
Bárbaros! (Barbarians), plate 38
No Quieren (They Do Not Want To), plate 9
No se puede mirar (One Can't Look), plate 26
Populacho (The Mob), plate 28
Será lo mismo (Much the Same), plate 21
Tampoco (Nor This Time), plate 36
Y no hai remedio (And There Is No Remedy), plate 15
Security of a Prisoner Does Not Need Torture
Brabisimo! (Bravo!)
Estan Calientes (They Are Hot)
A caza de dientes (Out Hunting for Teeth)
Ni mas ni menos (Neither More nor Less), plate 41
Todos Caerán (All Will Fall)
El Sueño de la razón produce monstrous (The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters)
Hizonon Dios y Maravillamos Nos (It is Amazing-and we were made by God)
Gaspar Guzman, Conde-Duque de Olivares