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  • Dr. Harold Eugene Edgerton
  • 1903–1990
Shattering Glass
White of the Eye
Bullet through Flame, Schlieren Photograph
Fan Blade Vortex
Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico, Flying Bats
Dove Ascent, Multiflash
.30-Caliber Bullet through a Banana
Cutting the Card Quickly .30-Caliber Bullet through the Jack of Diamonds
David Tork Pole Vaulting at Boston Gardens
How to Make Applesauce at M.I.T. .30-caliber Bullet
Moscow Circus at Boston Gardens
.22 Long Rifle Bullet, Leo Habner, Davenport, Iowa
Cranberry Juice in Milk
Milk Drop
Dynamite Cap Explosion
Milk Drop Coronet
Batterman Diving
Baseball Swing
Cube Explosion
Dynamite Cap
Golf Swing
Shot Gun Pellets
Shot Gun Pellets
Test Slug Cutting String