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  • Elmer Simms Campbell
  • 1906–1971
"He's leaving for America..."
"My Personal Tastes Vary from Those of the Curators"
It's the same every year
"Pre-shrunk - Bah I told you to get it half a size larger."
"Rexford Tugwell -- Anudder One Who Gits Away Wid Moider"
"But Honey - I can't afford no cloth coat this year!"
"Pretty Little Wench"
"Crying isn't going to get back that .0001th of an inch, Miss Farley!"
"Darling I've been elected..."
"I ordered it from America, but..."
"I think there should be more of US in this school!"
"Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls"
"This is the place where East is East and West is West - And the twain meet."
preparatory drawing for "Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls"
preparatory drawing for "This is the place where East..."
preparatory sketch for "I ordered it from America, but..."
untitled (Esky and pink door)
untitled (Esky at the D.N.B)
untitled (Esky being carried away by tornado)
untitled (Esky with German officer)
untitled (Esky with ladies in pink)
untitled (Nazi pot stove)
untitled (Nazi Stormtroopers kicking butt)
untitled (Santa with machine gun)