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  • Jacques Callot
  • 1592–1635
The Temptation of St. Anthony
Decouverte des Malfaiteurs (The Marching of the Prisoners)
Devastation d'un Monastere (Burning of a Monastery)
Distribution des Recompenses (Distribution of War Booty)
L'Arquebusade (The Firing Squad)
L'Attaque de la Diligence (The Attack on the Wagon)
L'enrolement des Troupes (The Enrollment of the Troops)
L'Estrapade (The Wrack)
L'Hopital (The Hospital)
La Bataille (The Battle)
La Maraude (The Pilfers)
La Pendaison (The Hanging)
La Revanche des Paysans (The Revenge of the Peasants)
La Roue (The Wheel)
Le Bucher
Le Pillage d'une Ferme (The Pillage of a Farm)
Les Mourants sur le Bord des Routes (The Deaths on the Edge of the Road)
Pillage et Incendie d'un Village (Pillage and Burning of a Village)
Beggar with Long Walking Stick
  • Jacques Callot
  • Flagellation, 1624
  • etching
  • Gift of David H. Weinglass and Marilyn Carbonell in Honor of Stephen Goddard
  • Not on display
  • 2017.0030
Le gueux appuye sur son batou (Beggar Supported by his Cane)
Capitaine Cerimonia and Signora Lavinia
Le Capitaine Bonbardon and Le Capitaine Grillo
Le Char de Thètis (The Chariot of Thetis)