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  • Johann Wilhelm Baur
  • 1607–1642
album cover for Ovid's metamorphoses
Plate 1: Elementorm distributio (Distribution of the Elements)
Plate 10: Python serpens ab Apolline interficitur (Python's End)
Plate 100: Orpheus a Bacchis mulieribus interficitur (Orpheus Is Slain by Female Bacchantes)
Plate 101: Optio Midae (Midas' Wish)
Plate 102: Midae aures in asininas (Midas' Ears into Asses)
Plate 103: Neptunus et Apollo (Neptune and Apollo)
Plate 104: Peleus et Thetus (Peleus and Thetis)
Plate 105: Chione a Diana sagittis consossa (Chione Slain by the Arrows of Diana)
Plate 106: Lupus in saxum (A Wolf into Stone)
Plate 107: Ceyx naufragio perit (Ceyx Dies in a Shipwreck)
Plate 108: Halcyone supplicat Iunoni (Halcyone Supplicates Juno)
Plate 109: Descripto domus somni (Description of the House of Sleep)
Plate 11: Daphne in laurem (Daphne into a Laurel)
Plate 110: Ceyxcum uxor in Halcyones (Ceyx and his Wife into Halcyons)
Plate 111: Aesacus in mergum (Aesacus into a Diver-Bird)
Plate 112: Iphigeniae in molatio (The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia)
Plate 113: Domus famae (The House of Famine)
Plate 114: Cygnus ab Achille suffocatus (Cygnus Smothered by Achilles)
Plate 115: Caenis puella in virum (The Girl Caenis into a Man)
Plate 116: Inter Lapithas et Centauros pugna (The Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs)
Plate 117: Achilles a Phoebo transfixus
Plate 118: Aiacis et Vlysis altercatio (Ajax's Quarrel with Ulysses)
Plate 119: Aiax sibi mortem consciscit (Ajax Kills Himself)
Plate 12: Iupiter et Io (Jove and Io)