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  • Country Unknown
Kirk Dirt
box for The Three Gorges Dam Migration (unmounted version)
wooden case for The Three Gorges Dam Migration
Data from a research plane with radar-sensing equipment used to determine the depth of the Jakobshavn Glacier
Gridded map that shows the flight paths in the area surveyed by CReSIS
One of the dozens of radar echograms compiled from the data resulting from an aerial survey to determine the depth of Jakobshavn Glacier
portfolio box
painting of a vase of flowers
radar chassis (ice-penetrating radar components)
7th Air Force NewsTan Son Nhut and Saigon, Republic of Vietnam December 16, 1972 (vol. 8, no. 29)
Polaroid Big Shot Portrait Land Camera
box of Magicubes
bag for pipe
case for flute in D
  • Country Unknown
  • flute, 1950–2011
  • bamboo
  • Betty Austin Hensley Flutes of the World
  • Not on display
  • 2011.0451
padded case for flute in D
clown marionette
box and cleaning tool for flute in D
lidded box for flute in D
stringed instrument with bow
three typewriter erasers
Amundsen's Tent at the South Pole
The Last Rest (The Grave of Scott, Wilson and Bowers)
General Map Showing the Explorations and Surveys of the Expedition, 1907-1909
Panorama Illustrating the Northern Party's Journey and Panorama of Mountains South of Mount Markham