Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • pre-/pro-/anti-/post-Yoguslav Cinema
  • Symposium
  • 11:00-16:30
  • Spencer Museum of Art
  • Host: Departments of Film & Media Studies and Slavic Languages and Literatures, the Hall Center for the Humanities, the Center for Russian, East Europ
Event Description
Screening from 11:00-2:00pm of Test Shots of the First Yugoslav Film Factory, K3 (Clear Sky without Clouds), KOLT 15 Gap, and Belle Epoque or the Last Waltz in Sarajevo followed by a lunch break and round table discussion from 3:00-4:30pm with Greg DeCuir Jr. (Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgade), Aida Vidan (Harvard University), Misha Nedeljkovich (The University of Oklahoma), and Vital Chernetsky (The University of Kansas).