Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • Bananas
  • Film
  • 4/19/2009
  • 13:00-15:00
  • Spencer Museum of Art
  • Host: Center of Latin American Studies
Event Description
4. Bananas: Running time 82 minutes. Produced in 1971. Language: English with French subtitles. Rated PG_13
One of Woody Allen's earlier, more slapstick-oriented efforts, Bananas tells the story of Fielding Mellish (Allen), a neurotic New Yorker who follows the object of his affections, Nancy (Louise Lasser), to the fictional Central American country of San Marcos, where she is involved in a revolution. Nancy wants nothing to do with Fielding, but he soon becomes a guest of the country's dictator (Carlos Montalban), before accidentally becoming the leader of San Marcos himself. Fielding is eventually shipped back to the US and tried as a subversive, but being that this is a comedy, and an especially light one at that, everything works out in the end. A far cry from Allen's later, more somber films, Bananas still works as an often hilarious amalgam of sight gags, one-liners, and bizarre asides. Directed by Woody Allen.