Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • Braden Allenby on Mind, Body, Machine: The Human Design Space
  • Lecture
  • 2/23/2011
  • 19:00-20:00
  • Spooner Hall
  • Host: The Commons
Event Description
For the past 3 million years, humans have used science and technology to design their external inorganic and organic space for their evolutionary benefit. In "Mind, Body, Machine," Braden Allenby addresses phase two of the human design space--using science and engineering to design our internal space for our evolutionary benefit.

Dr. Allenby's lecture interruptus is free and open to the public and will include a lecture presentation interposed with segments of film and music. A question and answer session the next morning will provide members of the public, faculty, staff, and students with a second opportunity to discuss the theme.

Braden R. Allenby is currently Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics, and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and of Law, at Arizona State University. He is the author of Reconstructing Earth: Technology and Environment in the Age of Humans (2005), and Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering (2009).

The Commons is a KU partnership among the Biodiversity Institute, the Hall Center for the Humanities and the Spencer Museum of Art. The Commons explores the relationships between nature and culture across the sciences, humanities and the arts.