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Volunteer Luncheon 2004
  • Volunteer Luncheon 2004
  • Reception
  • 3/12/2004
  • Spencer Museum of Art
Event Description
We are here today to honor you, the Spencer Volunteer.
This week is National Volunteer Week.
Thousands of volunteers across the nation are being honored.

The Spencer staff and I would like to thank each of you for contributing your time and expertise to the museum.
You are involved and committed we couldn’t do it without you!!!

you inspire by example

During the FY 2004, 165 individuals contributed a total of 4,409 hours of volunteer service to the Spencer Museum. Twenty-eight docents participated in 1,766 hours of training and gave 331 tours and presentations to over 4,000 youth, students and adults, including 29 talks and 144 museum tours to 1,500 local third through sixth graders. Forty-two volunteers greeted visitors, providing 1,388 hours of service. The Friends of Art and Advisory board members spent 520 hours on strategic planning and special events. One very special volunteer donated 250 hours entering data into the museum’s collection database. Others served as clerks in the museum shop, worked on membership programs, assisted curators, and helped with data entry. Our volunteer corps grew this year with addition of the Student Advisory Board and the Summer Quilt Study Program.

Fred wanted to come today but he is attending the Plains Presenters Midwest Regional Performing Arts Association meeting. He asked me to read this
Please give my heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for the generous donation of their time and for their genuine love of the Spencer Museum and its marvelous collections. I truly enjoyed getting to know them during my year at the Spencer. They are an essential part of the Spencer (staff ) and often the only (staff) representatives our visitors encounter. Fred
Frederick W. Pawlicki, Associate Director
Lied Center of Kansas
Margeret Rose