Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • La Sonambula
  • Film
  • 4/1/2007
  • 14:00-16:00
  • Spencer Museum of Art
Event Description
Sponsored by Center of Latin American Studies / In 2010, bi-centennial of the May Revolution, the authorities carry out secret experiments with a new psychological weapon: Nihil 2. Unexpectedly, they lose control with serious consequences in one zone of the city. Radiation has affected people's minds having them lose their identity and memory. The authorities organize a rescue plan to put the victims in contact with their families, home and professions. But some are suspicious and their join resistance groups led by an almost mythical figure: Gauna. The authorities believe the secret resistance group aims to escape from Buenos Aires and find a place in the interior to establish an independent community. One woman, Eva Rey, dreams --but doesn't sleep--, an alternative reality in which she meets Gauna. (113 minutes, 1998, in Spanish)