Spencer Museum of Art The University of Kansas


  • The Body and the Lens: Photography 1839 to the Present
  • 04-Nov-1995 - 23-Dec-1995
  • Kress Gallery, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
untitled (male nude)
A Dead Rebel Soldier as He Lay in the Trenches of Fort Mahone
Rebel Artillery Soldiers Killed in the Trenches of Fort Mahone
Tattooed Man at a Carnival, Md.
portrait of Curley
portrait of Gall
portrait of Rain in the Face
portrait of Red Fish
First Telltale signs that the French sun may be sinking on the French Empire as well - Frank Protopapas
La Poupée (The Doll)
Nude, East Sussex Coast
Brothel, Rue Quincampoix, Paris ca. 1932
Odalisque (Woman of the Harem)
At a First-Aid Center during Operation Prairie, also known as Reaching Out
untitled (self-portrait)
Eleanor, Chicago
Chokwe man
four men with shields
men showing height difference
woman standing in profile
Self-portrait (Seated Figure, No. 1)
portrait of woman with flowers
Cubist Leg, New York
Le Peintre Decamps et sa Famille (The Painter Decamps and his Family)