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ALEC Exposed banner
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Exhibition Label: "Prepared: Strategies for Activists," Apr-2012, Kris Ercums
This banner was produced for a day of action with a primary target: ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. The objective of organizers was to educate the public (and demonstrators) about ALEC, a cabal of corporate representatives, their legal advisors, and member state legislators. It is neither a lobby nor a front group. It is funded by corporations. Activists striving to inform the public of the unethical collaboration of state legislators and corporate interests already have identified more than 800 bills that were the product of ALEC, purely corporate-interested legislation.

The banner includes the logos of many of the more prominent corporations that fund ALEC. The banner was part of the inaugural action of the Occupy Wall Street Direct Action Working Group’s subgroup, +Brigades. The group uses humor and creativity to organize actions that not only educate but also entertain. This particular action involved Brigadiers dressing as executives and clowns, and culminated in a skit in which the executives were “depantsed” by clowns standing behind the unfurled banner. During the skit, the police intervened and attempted to unsuccessfully seize the banner, which was damaged in the process.